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"The "live and let live"         societal model is a recipe for societal disaster.  The myopic question posed by advocates of the new, "Tolerant,"         morality is : "How does my immoral behavior hurt you?"  But the overwhelming truth is that these are not individual         acts, but inherently social acts with social consequences.  And when society sanctions and encourages your immoral behavior,         that does have an impact-it doesn't just hurt me, but it hurts my future children as well." ~Porn Generation
It's time to let everyone know that we've seen through the attempt of the feminist movement to talk us into sacrificing our babies, leaving our homes, and giving up the most powerful position that we have when we stop raising our children.

Since the word "Feminist" has such negative connotations, we've decided to call ourselves "Femmes".  French for female, the meaning embodies femininity.  Feminists almost seem ashamed of their gender.  They strive to be equal to men; they demean them, cut them down and then are fed up with the cowardly shells they've created.  But when we realize that we can do things that no man has ever done that's when we are truly liberated!  It's not about being equal, or even being better; it's about celebrating our differences, and embracing our femininity.  We live in a day and age where if you're a woman, you are taught that your sexuality is a tool and to use it to get ahead.  Bat your eyelashes, sell your body, and don't for one second acknowledge the fact that this world will say the same exact thing to your daughter 20 years from now.  Our children are bombarded by images of women being sexually objectified on a daily bases; no wonder we have 8 year olds dieting!  The biggest impact we can make is not in the board room; it's in our sons,daughters, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren who are watching and learning from our every move.  Let's join together and fight for tomorrow; fight for them.

So, why Pro Life you ask?  'Abortion Rights' are the epitome of reverse psychology and we're not falling for it anymore.  There is nothing more unnatural and masochistic than what we do to ourselves reproductively.  Not only did the abortion industry (big business) trick our sisters into doing it, but they even got them to fight for their 'right' to kill their pre-born children.  And they call it liberation...more like blind sheep who want to stand for something but, in turn, will fall for anything.  Well, sorry but we've wised up and now we're fighting back by educating the next generation.

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