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Our Mission

We are here to educate, empower, and involve ourselves  in the community and no longer take a passive approach at present issues.

Group History

Destiny Herndon-DeLaRosa founded New Wave Femmes for life in Februaury of 2007.


We are currently taking members free of any membership fees, so join now!

Getting To Know Our Founder

Destiny Herndon-DeLaRosa was born in August of 1983 to an unwed mother in Dallas, Texas.  "Being the product of an 'unplanned' pregnancy I guess you could say that I was even Pro Life in the womb."  At 16, Destiny found herself facing a similar situation with a crisis pregnancy of her own.  In December of 2000 she gave birth to her first Child, a little boy.  Although it was tough, through her faith in God, He was able to turn this into one of the biggest blessings she would ever experience.  On Christmas Eve of 2004 Destiny married her husband Abrahm and a year later they found out they were pregnant with a little girl.  The excitement surrounding the discovery of their daughters gender was short lived when her OB told her that the sonogram was showing a spot on the babies heart.  The spot revealed that there was a chance the baby could have Down Syndrome.  "Knowing that I would not abort either way gave me a kind of peace about it all; my husband and I would love this baby no matter what."   In May 2006  their daughter was born completely healthy and free of any birth defects.  " I feel that my life has really been molded by different events that could have all suggested abortion as the logical option, but through my belief in the right to life, God was able to really strengthen my faith and character."