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"Be saved from this perverse generation!" Acts 2:40

Pretty dramatic, huh?

While it is not a prerequisite that you be a Chistian to join NWF, so much of our basic truth and foundation comes from the Bible.  God has put a calling on our hearts not only to be a voice for the voiceless, but also a voice to those lost.  

Paul tells us in Romans 12:2 that we must not 'conform to this world,' and in this day and age that is much easier said then done.  We live in a society that glorifies pornography, perversion, and 'political correctness.'  We are so afraid to call a sin a sin because we don't want to offend anyone, but in turn, we as a whole have become offensive.

The only way we will get back to fulfilling God's 'good, acceptable and perfect will' is how? (psssst, Romans 12:2 again)...BY BEING TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF OUR MINDS!

So, I ask you, is your mind CONFORMED or TRANSFORMED?  

It may not happen overnight, but slowly as you spend time in the Word, I promise, just as He removed the blinders from my eyes, He will do the same for you.  There is so much work to be done for His kingdom so I encourage you, even if you are not a Christian, join us and feel free to ask questions.  God has brought you here, to this place, at this crucial time for a reason.