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Why Are You "Anti-Feminist"?

We decided not to call ourselves 'Feminist' because honestly there are just too many opposite beliefs among feminists and femmes for us to categorize ourselves under that title.

I would also like to point out that the feminist movement took women light years ahead economically.  There was a time when the choice to stay at home was irrelevant.  You were born a became a woman....a mother.....and then a housewife. period.  Women were turned down for jobs solely based on their gender, and we owe those strong women who fought for our equal opportunity rights so much.  I want to make it very clear that we are in no way discrediting that part of the movement.  Where the NWF have the issue is in the fact that women no longer give credit where credit is due.  The feminist movement grew to not just fight for the rights of women in the market place but it began teaching society to devalue women in the home.  Our own sisters are making comments like "oh, you don't have a REAL job?" or "you're JUST a stay at home mom?"  That is an assault against womanhood.

I know this next comment is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way, it offended me when I first heard it too, but,  while the feminist movement helped us in the work place it hurt us everywhere else; not just women but society as a whole.  Think of where the world was 50 years ago.  In almost all households one parent worked and one stayed home.  Typically it was the man that worked, yes.  Our children, though, were being raised by someone who had a vested interest in their well being, social development, and moral standards.  Now a days they are simply babysat for some of the most formative years of their lives, and after a hard days work it is difficult for us to come home and impart in them all of the precious tid bits of wisdom that we want to pass down...difficult but not impossible.  I have been both a stay at home mom and a single working mother so this group in no way discriminates against working mothers.

As for the feminists view on abortion, in my opinion it is a blatant contradiction.  If you are of the mindset that women are so strong and capable, why then when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy do you believe in them taking the easy way out; not having a consequence for their action?  I mean at some point there was a 'choice' made and to me it seems like an oxymoron-a woman who is so strong that she cowers away from the responsibility she has to her unborn child.  Does that mean that you can provide that child with a wonderful life, perhaps not, but you can at least get them to the starting line.  Our bodies are more than capable of doing that much.

*On a side note I would like to point out that not all feminists are walking oxymoron's:

What About Abortion In The Case Of Rape Or Incest Or When A Pregnancy Threatens The Life Of The Mother?

Both of these are very different issues.  As far as preserving the LIFE of the mother (not the LIFESTYLE), I think that it is like being in a plane crash and putting the oxygen mask on yourself first; if you die then by default the baby dies as well.  The mother has to be able to survive.  In the case of Doe vs. Bolton though the Supreme Court dropped the ball.  They did not specify what medical reason must be provided to perform an abortion; it can be something as small as 'the mother gets headaches from time to time.'  That is no reason to stop a beating heart.

When it comes to cases of rape here are some stats:  "In cases of rape there is about a two percent chance of it producing a pregnancy," according to Randy Thornhill & Craig T. Palmer, authors of History of Rape: Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion.  That is an incredibly minute percentage compared to the number of abortion performed each day.  I know a lot of pro-choicers would like to believe that the only business the abortion clinics sees is rape victims or women facing death from medical complications but it's time to face the facts that ABORTION IS A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL IN AMERICA TODAY.

A woman who has just been victimized is so emotionally jostled that we assume she wants to erase any evidence that the assault has ever taken place.  And in a world that feeds her lies like, 'you will see the rapist face every time you look at your child,' that seems like the only logical choice to make.  Here in lies the problem.  The first assault was someone else victimizing her body, now shortly there after she is assaulting her body again, but this time herself.  As crazy as it sounds, many of these women are able to forgive their rapist but not themselves.  On top of that they were in such an emotionally overwhelming state at the time that often they do not apply level headed logic and think long term over how this decision will forever affect them.  I have never been in this situation and my heart truly breaks for women who have, but just knowing that there is a small chance I could turn a disgusting act of violence into something beautiful I hope I would.  That to me shows amazing strength; that to me is empowerment.   

If you would like to learn more about these courageous women, their struggles, experiences, and successes please check out the book 'Victims and Victors.'  Here is a powerful excerpt taken from one of its contributors:

"I, having lived through rape, and having raised a child ‘conceived in rape,' feel personally assaulted and insulted every time I hear that abortion should be legal for rape and incest. I feel that we're being used to further the abortion issue, even though we've not been asked to tell our side of the story." —Kathleen DeZeeuw

Why Is It So Important To Be Pro Life?

Abortion hurts women.

What If I'm Not A Stay At Home Mom?

Some women have no choice when it comes to staying at home with their children or working.  In order to survive and put food on the table they HAVE to work.  We in NO WAY disapprove of that; we admire it.  Doing whatever you have to do to provide the best for your child is the epitome of what motherhood is about.  There is a fine line though between providing the best, and working to purchase the best.  Being with your child(ren) if possible during those years is worth more than any exorbitant salary.  But that is not always an option and we commend those women who are working two full time jobs. ;)

Is This Group Only For Christain Republicans?

While our founder is Christian, not all of our members are Republican, and no, neither are prerequisites for membership.  Many pro life issues are Republican platforms, but we understand that not everyone agrees with all of their political views.  If you believe in the sanctity of life and empowerment of women, welcome.

Do I Have To Be A Mother Or Parent To Join?

Not at all.  We have male members and childless there a more eloquent way to say it then "childless?" :)

How Do I Join?

Simply e-mail

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